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wonder waters
Fruit Flavored Bubbly Water For Healthy, Happy, Hydrated Kids

The average American child drinks 35 pounds of sugar each year!

Wonder Waters™ is on a mission to change that and reduce the rising rates of childhood obesity and diabetes. Wonder Waters™ is organic, fruit flavored sparkling water that is the hip, cool, and healthy alternative to sugar laden drinks.  A fun and delicious soda alternative that keeps kids healthy, happy and hydrated.

Wonder Waters™ is poised to leverage the popularity of kids drinks…but we provide the healthy alternative!

  • Wonder Waters™ is USDA Certified Organic.
  • Wonder Waters™ is GMO Free.
  • Natural & simple ingredients: bubbly water, a small amount of squeezed organic fruit, a tad of organic grape juice, and ascorbic acid (Vitamin C).  That’s all!  LOW Sugar content!
  • The quantity (8 oz) will be small enough that children will be able to proudly finish their drink and feel good.
  • The packaging is based on fun, super hero characters that will inspire children to drink water.
  • Wonder Waters™ will not contain added citric acid, a common ingredient in kids’ drinks and an extremely detrimental additive to children’s developing teeth.